Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Cookies

I know I have two more weeks before the cookies really need to be baked, but I am already planning. Today we decorated the house and Dustin is currently outside hanging lights (I will make another post tomorrow with pictures!) so I am in the holiday spirit! I made a mental list of what I want to make this year, and it seems like a lot, but it will be fun.

First and foremost, I cannot have a Christmas without Spritz cookies! I deliberately registered for a cookie gun for our wedding and was glad to get it.

Second, I plan on making Russian Tea Cake, also known as Walnut Balls and Mexican Wedding Cakes, I think. Oh the names!

I think I am going to try 5 layer bars as well. Just a small batch since I am really the only person who likes coconut, but it sounds fun.

And finally Snickerdoodles for Dustin's mom, since those are her favorites.

I am also toying around with making sugar cookies and using an amazing icing recipe to decorate them, but that may be overkill! I look forward to baking. :)

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