Sunday, December 20, 2009

12 Weeks

I will try and do these every two weeks unless there is something big to report! Also, pictures will come once I actually start showing!

Pregnancy: 12 weeks

Weight Gain: Pretty sure it is still 2-3 but I bet it goes up after the Holidays!

Sleep: I'm doing okay, just some trips to the bathroom.

Gender: We'll know in February, unless we decide to be annoying and not find out.

Names: We probably will not share but that could always change.

Feeling: Great! This has been a great pregnancy. I had an awesome pregnancy with Brooke and was always nervous at my lack of symptoms. Now that I have seen it can produce a healthy baby, I am feeling good.

Health: Doing great.

Movement: Nothing yet, and I don't expect it for a little while.

Belly Button: Still in, but it never popped with Brooke.

Next Appointment: January 8th. Right after the Holidays. I have a feeling my doctor will be lecturing me on weight. :)