Monday, June 29, 2009


The weather here in Indiana has been absolutely GORGEOUS!! Last week it was close to 90 so it was a little hot, but this weekend it was sunny, mid-70s, and there was even a slight breeze. I wish we had done more outside and made the most of it because summer goes way too fast. I am going to make a goal to get outside each and every nice day so that when Fall/Winter comes, I don't spend too much time complaining. :) I am hoping that this upcoming weekend brings us nice weather, and that our trip to North Carolina in 2 weeks brings us even better weather!

Brooke is really on the move these days! She crawls everywhere and pulls up on everything, and it is a bit scary! I am also amazed at how fast she gets places. The other day she was playing on her toy piano and I ran into our bedroom to grab something from the closet. I turn to leave and she is right behind me, giggling and crawling away! Her personality is really starting to shine through and she is becoming more and more fun. Side note: As I was typing this she crawled over to me with a big booger hanging out of her nose. We wiped it with a tissue and then curled up in the glider for a bit to watch Sesame Street.... oh the life of a mom!

Such a happy girl!

Crawling away

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The Gardners said...

I love it!!! I'm still amazed our girls have almost been outside of our womb as long as they were's kinda sad!!!

How's the new house?!