Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birthday/Trip to the Zoo

Friday was my 23rd birthday (I feel so much older) and Dustin and I got a much needed date! His parents came over to watch Brooke while we went to dinner and a movie. We saw Star Trek and it was an awesome movie! Dustin hates all things Star Trek and even he liked it. We haven't been out to the movie together since I was pregnant and it was nice to be out of the house together with out a baby.

Brooke and mommy

She was so fidgety!

Jake wanted some attention as well

Yesterday we headed out to Chicago to go to the Brookfield Zoo. His cousin and I share the same birthday so a bunch of us went to "celebrate" the event. We dealt with rain and humidity for much of the morning, but the sun finally showed it's face after lunch time. Brooke just hung out in her stroller/baby carrier for most of the day, staring at all the different animals. A couple weeks ago I bought her a onesie with a zebra on it, so we decided it was her "zoo outfit", and I made a bow to match. I also wore pink and black, and had zebra print earrings and a zebra print bracelet.

Our family!

Mommy and Brooke

Her outfit


With daddy at the penguin exhibit

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The Gardners said...

First, happy 8 months to Brooke today!!! Can you even believe it??

Second, happy belated birthday to you mama!!!!

Third, is Brooke's hair getting a lot lighter or is it just the way the pictures are??? It's so adorable!!!