Sunday, July 27, 2008

25 Weeks!

As you can see, I gave my blog a make over. Dustin is watching the Cubs (not a fan) so I decided to distract myself with this. After about 10 tries, I think I am going to keep this one for now.

Friday marked 25 weeks of growth for Baby Miller. I am finally at the point where people can look at me and go, "When are you due?" rather than think "Man, she's gained weight this summer"... which has been nice. Dustin is becoming enthralled with my belly and can't seem to stop touching it, especially when she starts her daily gymnastics routine! Even though I have progressed a lot since I first took the pregnancy test in February, November feels so far away! I am really enjoying the pregnancy but I am also starting to get very anxious to meet our little girl. I was talking to my friend Aimee, who is due with a little boy the same weekend as me, and we think these next 3 months are going to go by very quickly. Or at least we hope!

Things that have gotten harder with pregnancy:

  1. Sleeping. Besides going to the bathroom every three hours, I usually end up rolling onto my back and then I cannot breath.
  2. Walking. I exercise every day but long distance walking, forget it. I spent a couple hours at the mall with Dustin's 90 year old grand mom and I needed a break before her.
  3. Painting my toe nails/shaving: Bending over is much harder with a baby bump in the way!
  4. Eating. Wait... who am I kidding. Eating is definitely enjoyable at this stage in pregnancy.
About 2 more weeks until my THIRD TRIMESTER!


Megan said...

Totally agree... advice or birth horror stories! Don't you love those?
You are so adorable! Is it hard to believe you're approaching the final trimester? I feel like that's a long ways away, but this trimester is definitely flying by!
Hope you're feeling well!
ps-- love the new blog look!

Megan said...

okay, just had to say one more thing... I hear you on the sleeping thing! I know it's good preparation for waking up with the baby, but MUST we go to the bathroom three times a night? One thing I won't miss about being pregnant!

kate. said...

hello hello - love the new blog look. it's very cute!

can't wait to see you next month. if things aren't too crazy i'll paint your toenails for you :)