Monday, July 12, 2010

McFatty Monday

Starting in a few weeks I will be participating in McFatty Monday. It all started with Heir to Blair several months ago in her efforts to lose baby weight. Now Steph over at The Adventures of Goober Grape & Monkey Man and Heidi at It's just me... Heidi-D are starting a link up! Steph has lost almost 100 pounds and her story is really encouraging, I urge you to go read it.

I have a goal weight and once I get approval from my OB to work out it is GAME ON. I have The 30 Day Shred by the DVD player and a list of healthy meal ideas. Once I find out my starting weight at the OB in a few weeks (I refuse to use my own scale just yet) I will post a graph with my starting weight, weight lost, and goal weight. Every Monday I will "weigh in" and post about my successes and my struggles that week, and maybe even include some pictures every now and then.

Feel free to join us!



Heidi - D said...

Glad you joined us Jessica! Good luck to you in your weight loss journey. I'm following you now, so I will be checking back again soon!

Take care!!!

Steph said...

Hey, you remember that time you thought I was an AE?

Good times ;)


Vanessa said...

Hey there..found your link on Steph's blog..
I am jumping on the band wagon this week too!
let me know how you like The Shred!
Ohhh and do you have a link to make the graph??
Vanessa :-)