Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today I will talk about the "cuteness" that is Brooke. I would include some pictures fill with extra cuteness but I have a virus on my computer that is messing with my browser.

"Uh oh"- Even though these two words are normally followed by the dropping or breaking of something, it is still adorable to here her say. In fact, it makes us smile so much that she says it even when there is no cause to. She often says it when I enter her room after she has woken up, or when she has disappeared for a few minutes. Sometimes this gives makes me think twice about what she could have done that I am not seeing.

Mirroring- Brooke is getting to an age where she will attempt to copy our actions. Dustin is notorious for playing "air drums" in the car and head banging (he's all mine ladies!) and many times you can turn around in the car to see her head banging and moving her arms.

Dancing- Music could be playing for a fraction of a second and Brooke will start dancing. You have seen videos on here before of her dancing, and she is just getting better with age! She has better rhythm and movement than most people my age.

"Ahhh"- When Brooke found interest in our dog I would pet him gently and say, "Ahhhh puppy". The last thing I wanted was for her to start hitting him and pulling his tail and then not being able to break her of it. Now whenever Jake is in arms reach for her -- which isn't often, smart dog -- she gently pets him and says "Ahhh". You really have to hear it, maybe someday soon!

There is really much more but I will stop before I become the non-stop bragging mom you run into in the grocery store. You know, the ones with the "honor student" bumper stickers.

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