Tuesday, January 5, 2010

14 Weeks

There it is, my first belly picture. I promise there is a little something there! Do you see it? The little bump sticking over my pants? When it gets more obvious that I am actually pregnant and not suffering the after effect of holiday eating, I will have Dustin take better pictures.

How far along? 14 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Well, at the last doctor's appointment I was up 2 pounds but I would not be surprised if I am up to almost 5 this week. I really destroyed the food platters this holiday season.

Maternity clothes? I attempted a pair of maternity jeans the other day but they were too baggy. The first time I wear jeans after the wash I need to rubber band them together but then they get lose enough to wear. Soon enough!

Sleep: I can't get enough of it!

Best moment this week: I have an appointment on Friday

Food cravings: I am all over the place. Yesterday I had to have Reb Robin for lunch, and Sunday I was all about Buffalo Wild Wings!

Gender: We'll see...

What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender!

What I miss: Margaritas.

Milestones: Sometimes I swear I am feeling movement, but I can't decide if it is too early or not. I didn't feel Brooke until 21 weeks and I am so small still!


Caroline said...

i'm up 5 lbs too! lol.

you look great!

Lyndsay said...

Mmmmmmmmm...BW3's! I had it for lunch today. I can't get enough of the spicy garlic boneless wings...until today, I think they were responsible for my heartburn. :-/