Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas and New Years

NOTE: Pictures are not uploading right now so I will try again tomorrow!

A few days ago I wrote a whole post on Christmas, and even began uploading pictures for all to see. Somewhere in the midst of uploading I accidentally clicked a tab and POOF, there went blogger. Of course it happened just as we were headed out the door and then the busy weekend ensued... so here I am now!

Christmas was spent with Dustin's family this year and we had a blast! We started out the morning by opening gifts just between our little family and then headed to his parents house for the day. Brooke was pretty unimpressed with gifts but she did pretty well with helping to open them. Her favorite gift did not come until Sunday when my parents arrived from Philly. They got her a stroller for her baby doll and she loves to push it all over the house.

New Years Eve we headed down to the Nycz's house for a get together. Chris and Dustin played baseball together at Taylor so he was glad to see some of his former teammates. Brooke spent the night at Dustin's parents house so we were able to have a great time with out chasing her around. She actually spent Friday night as well, and then Saturday while we attended a wedding, but we did see her each day.

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