Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

An internet friend of mine does a Wish List Wednesday and I have been itching to participate, so here I am! You can view her blog HERE.

A new car. Dustin and I both drive old cars with no air conditioning, not to mention the parts they seem to be scattering all over the road as we drive.

A maid. Between chasing after Brooke and caring for a 3 month old baby in our home, I barely have time to get the daily chores done. It seems as though by the time I am done cooking, dishes, and feeding Brooke.... it starts all over again. My wood is dying to be dusted and polished.

This new stroller for Brooke. We picked out a travel system while I was pregnant and I really wish I had done a little more research. Her stroller is so bulky and heavy.

A new camera. I have been lusting after this camera for awhile now and hopefully will get to own one this Winter. I am obsessed with taking pictures, as you may know, and would love to learn more about photography.

And finally, tickets to see Wicked on Broadway. I have wanted to see this ever since I heard of the phenomenon in college but have yet to have the chance. Maybe one day.

1 comment:

Paige said...

Wicked is wonderful!! I love your list!