Friday, July 31, 2009

Chicago Wedding

As promised, pictures from last weekend... but not before a recap! Saturday morning we piled into a mini van with Dustin's parents, his sister, and her husband. After 3 hours on the toll road and a crossing over the invisible time zone line, we arrived at our hotel. 1 hour short of the start of the ceremony in fact. We rushed to get ready, piled back in the van, and sped over to the church. Thankfully we got there in time but as Dustin and I sat down in the back pew Brooke started to show signs that she was in need of a bottle. After a quick search of the van we discovered that we left the can of formula back in Indiana. SO, back in the van we piled (just Dustin, Brooke, and I this time) and we spent 30 minutes driving around in search of some grocery store where I could pick up some sort of formula) Thankfully it all worked out and we made it back in time to get his family. At the reception Brooke had her own little high chair at our table and she quietly fell asleep in her car seat sometime after dinner ended. We stuck her partially under the table and dance the night away!

Our little family.

Cheesing with her Uncle Wes

With daddy at dinner

Sleeping under the table