Sunday, March 29, 2009


Friday afternoon, around 4pm, we jumped in the car and started the 12 hour trek to the east coast. We strategically planned our departure so that Brooke would get maximum sleep time during our travels. Out of the 11 hours it too us to get to my parents home, Brooke sleep a little over 9 of them. I call that a success. Our trip back tomorrow should be interesting as we are leaving when we wake up in the morning.

Saturday we went out to lunch, spent 2.5 hours in BRU, walked the mall, and grabbed dinner on the way home. Let me back up to 2.5 hours in BRU. I will not be able to make it out for my brother and SILs baby shower in May so I wanted to buy their gifts and leave them with my mom. First it took us forever to find gifts, and second, it was just too much fun looking at everything. Brooke ended up aquiring a dress with matching shoes and socks, a book, and a Phillies onesie. Thankfully, there is a Best Buy right next door (think that was planned long ago?) so that is where my dad and Dustin spent their time.

Today we sadly were not able to make it to my home church. Dustin and I were still recovering from arriving at my parents house at 3am the night before, and to top it off, Brooke was up 6-7 times throwing fits. She was up to for good at 8am so Dustin and I handed her off to my mom and slept for another 2.5 hours. We then got ready for my brother's wedding reception. He was married in the Bahamas over Christmas so they had a party here for friends and family. It was nice because my one set of grandparents and one of my aunts had yet to meet Brooke! She did pretty well, finding a lot of time to nap on people's shoulders. She did get somewhat overwhelmed and clung to me a bit, but other than that, it was fun! It was at an Italian restuarant and we were spoiled with a big feast.

Sorry for the novel, here are some pictures.

Our little family!

Papa and Nonna (my parents)


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