Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miss. Mischeveous!

The day Brooke turned 5 months old, she became a different baby! I am still getting used to her new curiosities and moods, and today I was caught off guard. First, she kept trying to take a graham cracker out of my hand so I let her hold it. She had a paci in her mouth and, well, no harm done right? WRONG. I looked away for a minute and when I looked back the paci was out and she was biting off pieces, happily gumming them and swallowing. Thankfully, no choking was involved, but she was so pleased with herself. I know what snack she is going to love when it is age appropriate! It doesn't end there. I laid her on her playmat and a couple minutes later, I heard her talking near the feet of my chair. She had rolled across the room, grabbed a piece of paper, rolled onto her back, and was sucking on it.

Lesson learned: I need to keep on my toes around this little girl!

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