Sunday, March 1, 2009

First Solids!

Slap me on the wrist! Our Pedi told me at our last appointment that I could wait til 6 months to start solids since everything is on track with Brooke's growth. Well, after a week straight of extra hunger at night, I decided to start cereal last night. Also, I could tell she was ready for something more so I made a personal decision... now all I have to do is face my Pedi in 11 days! Back on topic, Brooke LOVED rice cereal. I was expecting her to spit it all over the place and give me some "that stuff is gross" facial expressions, but instead she kicked her feet and opened her mouth for more! If anything, she was really confused. I gave her a little less than the recommended serving because I was so nervous she would throw is up with her reflux, but she kept it down all night! Tonight we had round two and it went just as well, except she has a bit of a cold and kept sneezing the cereal all over the place!

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