Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Keeping Busy... Or Not

With a little over 6 weeks until my due date I am finding it hard to keep my mind off the baby! I just keep thinking about getting the nursery ready, shopping for the last minute essentials, and going into labor. I'm sure it will all fly by and November will be here before I know it, but I can't help but feel as though it is dragging by. I have a shower coming up on October 4th but I still haven't unpacked from the last shower. Also, I need to make a packing list for the hospital and finish decorating the nursery. I am not sure why I don't want to get anything done just yet, maybe I'm afraid I will go even more insane once it is all finished.

Also, we had our last prenatal class last night where we learned about caring for a newborn after birth and then were given a tour of the maternity ward. It is a new wing in the hospital so it is very nice and barely feels like a hospital but it was still somewhat nerve racking! Every time she pointed out something in the room and talked about when during labor they used it, I could not help but imagine myself in that hospital bed!

On a fun note, I went and picked up our stroller and car seat combo yesterday. Dustin's parents bought it for us as a gift and I am so excited to finally have it in the house. Dustin put it together and pushed Jake around the house in it to check it out.

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