Saturday, September 20, 2008

Football Season

Well, football season is in full swing and our weekends are evident of that! It is pretty normal for Dustin and I to be found home relaxing on our weekends any other season of the year, but this heightens the need. Every Saturday we have to watch Notre Dame and every Sunday it is the Bears. I am a big Eagles fan but since we live in the Midwest I am not guaranteed that they will be on TV. When they are, I will try to watch them... unless the Bears are on. Dustin is protective of his televised sporting events.

On another note, I reached 33 weeks of pregnancy on Friday! Our little girl is all over the place these days; one day she is up high and I cannot breath and the next she has dropped down and I feel as though my hips are going to fall apart. Bending over has become impossible as well so no more painting my own toe nails! I know many changes are to come these next 7 weeks so I'm sure I'll have much to update on.

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