Monday, April 28, 2014


Paige is now one week old! Well, she will be in a little under 3 hours. Isn't she cute?

Being home has gone well so far. The girls are still in school all day so it's just Paige and I until about 5:30. Today is the last day that Dustin will be picking them up from school for me [their school closes at 5:15 and he generally works until 6:30] so I'll have to manage going there, dragging Paige inside, and bringing them all out. We made the decision to keep the girls home this summer to save some money, and I have already concluded that outings with out Daddy will be few and far between!

Speaking of sisters... they sure do love baby Paige! A little too much. Since they've been in school all day they haven't really had too much time to spend with her. Brooke had dance on Thursday night and then on Friday night Dustin took them both to a baseball game. When they are around her they both kind of "fight" for her attention. They have yet to find a way to look at her that they both find equal. Even in the picture above you can see Molly pouting because Brooke was singing a lullaby and she wanted to sing hers.

Paige can be very alert. Just ask her newborn photographer, who has the patience of a saint and spent 5 hours with us yesterday trying to capture pictures. I am pretty positive that Paige slept for less than an hour of that, and it was all in spurts.

I've spent most of the first week just holding her and cuddling her. Since she is my last, and I already know just how quickly babies grow up, I've been trying to enjoy every moment. I did have to leave the house on Friday to take her to a Pediatrician appointment on my own, and it made me realize I still have some healing to do, so I've been taking it easy. One week olds don't really have a schedule but she does okay at night. Last night she went in 3-3.5 hour spurts before needing to eat, and I actually woke up feeling rested. The first few nights were pretty rough.

I can tell that the "hormonal slump" is starting to set in. The adrenaline from birth has worn off, and now the emotional roller coaster begins. I have been on anxiety medication since the beginning of my pregnancy, so I've been curious to see how everything goes. The nurse told me that I might need a higher dose for awhile since my body has adjusted to what I am on now. It is worse at night so I always look forward to going to be and waking up to a new day.

Happy One Week, Paige! You are the perfect addition to our family. 

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