Monday, February 24, 2014

Sweet Brooke

Brooke is our oldest. She hit a full hand --five years old!-- this Fall and we took her to Disney World. She is headed to Kindergarten in the Fall and has already lost two teeth!

She is calm [for the most part], sweet, caring, and a big helper. As a baby she was always so chill and smiley. She liked to sleep and once she slept through the night in her crib, I could count on her to sleep until 10 or 11.  She was seriously the cutest little thing. I mean... look....

Calm and collected as a newborn

I can always count on Brooke for a photo shoot and know she'll make a great model, especially if promised a lollipop at the end.

She is in her second year of dance and loves it.  As a baby, she LOVED to dance. From the moment she could stand she was shaking her hips Shakira style. 

She loves all things pink and purple. She wears fancy dressed on the weekend since she can't wear them to school during the week, and loves to pick out headbands and bows. She loves to have her nails painted and will pick at least two colors to alternate so they are "fancier". 

BUT there are times that she likes to get dirty.

She absolutely LOVES being a big sister -- most days. By the end of a long weekend generally they are fighting over something silly and need to take a time out from each other, but what best friends don't? ;) They do everything together, as I said in Molly's post. Brooke also takes care of her little sister. In the past year she had really grown to be conscious of Molly's feelings. If they are playing with friends she always makes sure Molly is included, and if she isn't, she won't play. They are also really good at making trouble together. I know she cannot wait until Paige is here, and will be just as good as a big sister and helper.

Brooke is also a daddy's girl, and he is the first person she looks for the second she is up in the morning. She loves to help him make soup, which is their favorite food these days.

Brooke is my sensitive girl. I am always much more aware of her feelings than I am of Molly's, it seems. I am, of course, aware of both their feelings, but Brooke is much more apt to get upset. While Molly takes many things in stride, Brooke's little mouth turns down and she gets sobby. She can also get a little whiny. Okay, maybe a lot. She takes things very personal, especially when it comes to other kids. A few weeks ago she asked to play football instead of little league and I was just thinking of how she would handle getting hit by another kid. She is always willing to jump in and play with new friends, but if she feels rejected she gets shy really quick. It always breaks my hearts when she isn't accepted into new groups. I didn't prepare myself for that part of parenting!

Brooke will sit for hours and color and cut out shapes and tape them together. She amazes me with her cutting. She can cut out the thinnest and smallest shapes with precision. She also loves to send people mail. She will also sit through an entire movie, maybe even two or three, with out a peep. She loves to sleep in and every morning I have to drag her out of bed to get ready for school.

We love you Brookie, and we can't wait to watch you grow and learn!