Friday, February 21, 2014

Molly Moo

Oh, Miss. Molly Moo...

There is so much to be said about you.

Molly is naughty. Plain and simple. I always say she lives by the motto "I just can't help myself". We used to call her five second Molly because that is about how long she would sit, or listen, at a time. You could tell her not to do something, and she would remember she shouldn't be doing it for, oh, five seconds, and then she would start again. Nothing phases her. Timeouts, getting yelled at, positive reinforcement, etc. If she wants to do it, she will.

Good thing we love her name, because we use it a lot.

Molly is wild, stubborn, free spirited, loud.

In the beginning of the "threenager" years, she would scream at us when told no and slam the door in our face. We do the 1-2-3 count as a start for discipline and she would yell, "STOP COUNTING AT ME!" She has a wicked mean face.

Molly is hilarious. And fun. And so so so sweet and loving. She will come up and rub your face, give you a hug, and tell you how much she loves you. When she was little I called her Lovey Loo for some reason. When I did, she would give me a big hug. Now if I ask for a hug she'll go, "A Lovey Loo hug, right Mommy?" and give me the biggest squeeze.  She says and does the funniest things, and is pretty creative.

Brooke got a paper cut at school and got a pretty pink bandaid. When we got home Molly did the only rational thing she could think of to get her own bandaid, she gave herself a paper cut.

She wanted a pin that had Brooke's name on it so she wiped Brooke's name off and wrote her own.

Brooke had shots at the doctor and came home with more pretty bandaids, so Molly started fake coughing in hopes that she could go to the doctor and get a shot too.

Dustin fears for the day that Brooke breaks her arm and comes home with a pretty pink cast.

We went to Disney this Fall and attended Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. The girls dressed up as superheros and Molly would run around the park saying, "Hurry up Mommy, I have people to save!" and she would jump in the air and say, "Did you see me fly?"

She LOVES her big sister and has never ever ever wanted to be the baby. Anything Brooke does, she can do. Anything Brooke does, she will repeat. They go everywhere together.

Molly is anything but shy.

She has no concept of personal space.

She is 100% Daddy's girl. I've been hearing "Daddy do it!" since she could say all three words.

She loves to play dress up and cries if I don't let her wear the shoes she wants to wear to school. Every shirt she wears must be a "dress shirt" which means it can spin at the bottom with her. Despite this she is my rough and tumble girl. She tackles Brooke randomly and starts tickle fights. She has no problems getting dirty. She is loud.

The other day the girls asked me if they could take separate showers. I think they were over stimulated after a long weekend. Brooke was in our shower singing quietly and washing her bath dolls hair. Molly was in her shower singing --make that screaming-- a song about stomping and stomping her feet as loud as she could. She fills the rinse cup with water and throws it up in the air so it lands back down on her. If given the chance to take a bath, there is a possibility she will use that cup to throw water around and therefore flood the bathroom.

She has a raspy voice and speaks with what I call her Boston Lisp. A little bit Boston accent, a little bit lisp.

Molly will be four in June and we cannot wait to see her fun personality continue to develop and grow. I have a feel she'll be keeping us on our toes well into the teenage years.

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