Monday, July 18, 2011


Just when I feel like I am out of things to post about for the week, Brooke says "Hey mom, let me help you out!"

That my friends is a purple permanent marker. The thing is, I'm not sure where exactly she got it. My best lead at this point is that she smuggled it into the house. We have ONE marker we keep in the house, a fine point Sharpie for writing on CDs/DVDs. It is also kept well out of sight and reach in our bedroom. All other writing utensils are kept high in a cabinet. We learned the hard way from a pen incident involving the couch, the TV, and Molly.

I did not manage to get pictures of the girls faces, legs, arms, and other parts of their bodies that were colored on. I also did not take a picture of the marker on the TV, just to keep my husband's blood pressure low.

You are probably thinking, "What did you do? Go for a run and leave them home alone?"

Um, nope. The first damage was done while I changed Molly's diaper. She then went back to the family room to see Brooke [and become part of her art project] while I ran to get dressed so we could go to the Post Office. Brooke had a busy 4 minutes by herself.


molly said...

Oh, dear Lord! It's so hard to not freak out when stuff like this happens. It's like when Landon got a hold of my lipstick!

Lori said...

i just showed my husband and asked him, "guess what the little girl's name is that did this?" and he looked at me and said, "brooke."

HAHA! Gotta love them Brooke's right ;)

btw for future knowledge *knock on wood* .. what did you use to get it out?

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