Monday, February 23, 2009

No Words

I spend some time on a mom forum, daily, where I can interact with other moms, share stories, and get answers. A couple of weeks ago a mother of two beautiful twin girls got devastating news. Her little girls were diagnosed with a disease that would eventually take their lives and little did we know, this fate would come sooner than expected. Last night they lost Carynne and tonight her sister Sydney joined her. I cannot imagine the pain and sadness their parents are feeling right now, so if you are reading this, please keep them in your prayers.

Another blog I recently came across was about a little girl named Cora. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer around 10 months of age and died 3 weeks later. I am amazing by her parents strength during this time, and encouraged by their words and actions. There is a foundation on where everything you purchase will help fun a playground in Cora's name.

I cannot help but feel blessed by the healthy, beautiful girl that God has blessed us with and give Him praise each and every day for her. I also must remember that she is not mine, but His, and pray daily that His will be done in her life.


The Gardners said...

Hey Jess! I just posted this exact thing on my blog. My life has been forever changed my stories like this.

Hope little miss B is growing! Can you believe our girls are 4 months already?

Keep in touch,

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