Monday, February 18, 2013

Maniac Molly

P.S. I threw together a shoddy blog header with an update picture. I guess I'll make this place look pretty later.

Yes, I just started my post with a P.S.

This is probably going to be a new Monday series. I could also call it Good Golly, Miss Molly. Ohhhhh man is Molly naughty. It could be second child syndrome, or maybe it is the blonde hair... we aren't sure, but she is a little stinker. I've considering taking pictures of all the crap she destroys/does and making books out of them, so that one day I can show her future boyfriends so they know what they might be getting in to. When a man asked for her hand in marriage I can whip them out and say, "You know, there is a 50/50 chance you will have a child like THIS".

Maybe not. I was a child just like Molly and I turned out okay. At least I think.

SO let's talk about what Molly did last week. For starters, she left the house and ran down to our neighbors house. Don't worry, our dog went with her. By the time I realized it she was on her way back because "Mason wasn't home".

She really likes to destroy bags of food. If she can get a hold of a bag of chips, and she will go to any length to find one, she will jump on it until it opens, dump the contents on the carpet, and do chip angels. The same applies to boxes of cereal.

So far our tally is:

8 bags of chips wasted
7 boxes of cereal wasted

I know what you are thinking. Surely NOT this sweet girl...

Oh yes, that sweet girl. She is a sweetie pie for everyone else, and about 10% of the time with me. She doesn't go on a tasmania devil reenactment unless left alone. If we have our eyes on her, she is normally pulling out the normal two year old antics. But leave her alone for two minutes and there goes your living room, bathroom, and half the kitchen.

I have to laugh the majority of the time. These days, she just puts herself in time. I find her there often saying, "I was bad, I'm tinkin' bout what I did".

Good Golly, Miss Molly.

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