Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brookie Boo

I feel like it will take me weeks just to catch you up on my life!

Brooke turned 4 in October. 4!!! She is such a big girl now, no longer a toddler even. She goes to "school" which translates to preschool/daycare. She likes to pick out her own clothes and can often be seen with a skirt over her pants. She likes to wear pretty headbands and have her nails painted.

She is SO sweet and mothering and just loves Molly. She has her moments but for the most part is a good listener and stays out of trouble. Her biggest complaint is when we pick out her clothes [she doesn't think we make her pretty enough] or if we wake her up in the morning. I can already see the issues ahead with school in two years.

She is in ballet once a week and is getting super excited for her recital in May. She is going to be in the front row so I hope she performs. At her Christmas play she was in the front and just stared at the crowd with wide eyes.

She still has her sassy moments....

OH and right now she is in a Cutest Kid Contest so feel free to vote for her. You can vote 5 times from each device and browser, and the voting ends Monday!

Brooke thanks you!

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