Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 10 Months Molly!

What a perfect way to celebrate my 400th post! Feel free to take a field trip back to my first ever post, my how things have changed.

Molly turned 10 months old on Friday and the pictures were a disaster, mainly because Molly had a cold and was miserable. You can even see it in her little red eyes. I planned to redo her pictures but wouldn't you know, she is still sick and passed it along to Brooke and I.

First I would like to share a video of a few of her tricks.

I cannot believe she is saying words! I know it isn't uncommon for babies to talk this early but Brooke didn't really utter much until she was about 13 months old, and even then it was just "dog". Molly will watch our mouths and try to repeat much of what we say to her.

See her poor little sad face?

Molly crawls at super speed now and is into everything. If you were to stop by my house unannounced you would probably ask if I had been a] ransacked by a burglar, b] a mini-tornado went through my family room. But if you know what's good for you, you won't say anything! She pulls up on almost anything but isn't taking steps yet. She hasn't even tried to stand on her own yet but I am sure she could. We'll have to get Brooke's push toy out of storage to see if she is interested.

Molly still has a major aversion to most foods, although she is getting braver in sampling them. The only night we got her to try some small pieces of chicken. The big thing is she feels like she needs to feed herself. Don't even think about trying to spoon feed her!

I haven't had a chance to measure or weigh her yet but I know that she is much taller than Brooke was at this age, but also skinnier. Oh my opposite babies.

I am working on an updated banner for the blog so hopefully you'll be seeing that in a few days!

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