Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ever since her birthday party Brooke has declared herself as a lover of all things chocolate. If she sees someone in the room eating anything that resembles chocolate, she will hurry over to them and proceed to beg for a bite. This girl can hear a chocolate wrapper open across the house! Today we had our first "chocolate tantrum".

As with every year, I dipped into the Halloween stash and opened up some bize size hershey bars. Within seconds Brooke was across the room and climbing my leg to get onto my lap. Being the nice Mommy I am, I allowed her to take a bite and then popped the rest into my mouth. Apparently the world ended at that exact moment because tears flooded Brooke's eyes and she began to scream. She pushed away from me and screamed to the Heavens. If she could speak I imagine it would sound similar to this, "WHY GOD?! WHY DID MOMMY EAT THE LAST BITE OF CHOCOLATE?!"

5 minutes and a hug from Daddy later, all is right with the world. Now how do I eat these last two hershey bars with out her seeing?!