Saturday, October 11, 2008

What a weekend!

Long post, but it's interesting!

It was a busy and interesting weekend in our household. It also requires some background info...

Yesterday Kara and Ellie came to visit me for a short trip and it was great to have friends here. I feel so cut off from every body sometimes. We rented a movie last night and then spent this morning shopping. After they left some of Dustin's friends came over to watch the Notre Dame game and have pizza.

This is where the background info is necessary.

We rent a house from friends of Dustin's family and have been here for about a year. There is an in-law suite built onto the side in which our landlord's daughter and fiance, Aimee and Bronson, live. Her and I HAD (pay attention to that) the same due date so we have had fun comparing pregnancy pains and talking about things to come soon enough....

Well, around 4:00 Bronson knocks on our door and tells us they are going to the hospital because Aimee has a fever of 103. They were cooking lasagna at the time and needed us to turn the oven off in about 20 minutes when it would be ready. Well, they were gone all afternoon and around 7:30 a group of us headed to Cold Stone. Upon coming home at 9, we pull up to Bronson and his friends smoking cigars. We get out of the car and he goes, "Well, my kid was born tonight!" Turns out Aimee's fever was a cause for concern and she had an emergency c-section!

He was close to 7 pounds at birth so very healthy for a month early. I am still in shock over it all because I guess I just always thought we would be pregnant into November and begging for labor to start!

Sorry that was long. Update on this side, I think the baby is dropping. The second picture is a bit closer than the first but you can still tell. Take a look and decide for yourself. The first picture was taken about halfway through my 32 week while the second was taken the day I hit 36 weeks.

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