Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sleepless in Indiana

During my pregnancy I easily slept 12 hours a day and now I know why... I needed to store it up for when the baby arrived! I have now learned how to complete daily activities on a night of 5-6 hours of broken sleep. I usually have to wash baby clothes every 2 days and our sheets about every 4. Let's just say that baby poop can fly!

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Stacey said...

oh yes I can definitely relate to you on the "flying baby poop." crazy huh....and not one of those things you think about ahead of time. Ok there are two books I always recommend to people. The first one is called Baby Wise and you really must go out and buy this book today. It is a short read and there is one chapter in particular that is very helpful in scheduling and establishing a routine. Follow it as well as you can although there will be days that just don't work the way they should. 2nd book is called The Baby Whisperer. this book is much larger and is a great reference for as the baby grows and changes the questions that will arise. It also has a great chapter about establishing a routine right off the bat but is not as easy of a read. If you are only going to buy one for now get Baby Wise. And feel free to call me anytime.....I've had lots of my friends/ new mommies call me to talk about how I got Aiden on a routine. He was sleeping through the night by 9 weeks. 765-864-1630. If I don't answer and you want to chat just leave me your number and I'll call you back. I feel for ya! and in a couple of months I can't believe I will be doing it all over again.