Thursday, March 1, 2012

That time I wrote a book

So as I said in another post, I wrote a book! This has been over a year in the making. My story has evolved several times into different places and ideas with similar characters. I even took two long writing breaks when I felt like my mind couldn't take it anymore. But it is FINISHED and it has been e-published with Amazon. This means that you can get it for your Kindle or a Kindle App [Apple and Droid products].

I would like to make it available for print by summer. There are a few spelling and grammar mistakes that me and my team of editors didn't manage to catch, so it is going through the ringer right now to be prepared for print.

It will also be available for Nook starting in April.

NOW I am choosing today to tell you this because for the next three days my book will be FREE! That's right, today through Saturday you can download and read it for free!

[this link will take you directly to Amazon!]

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