Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Week

Things around here just keep getting busier and busier! As I said before, we moved this weekend and I am amazed at the amount of stuff we have accumulated over our 1.5 years of marriage. We still have a bunch of small things lying around our old home so thankfully we do not need to be out of there until June 8th. We have decided to get the stuff we have over here put away before we got back and get the rest, so we will probably not be settled until NEXT week.

This weekend we had BEAUTIFUL weather. Friday we had a bunch of friends come over and help us move, which was a real blessing! The rest of the weekend was basically full of unpacking except for a few field trips. Sunday we went furniture shopping but are still unable to agree on something we BOTH like. Monday we spent the morning at the Shipshewana flea market, which is ridiculously huge. Of course, the main point seems to be going in there and coming out with things you don't need. We bought a Notre Dame rock for our garden, a Corn Hole set, potpourri, and other miscellaneous things. We then got to eat lunch in town, which was amazing, at a place with homemade Amish bread.

Today our new washer and dryer come and I am very excited to try them out, especially since Brooke has a very large pile of clothes that need washing. But before that we need to go grocery shopping and get some food in this place!

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